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Things Missing From Hell

Our subject this week is one which is missing from many of our churches today. It’s not popular and no one wants to hear it but it is still a necessary message we need to get back to. Some wonder why we don’t see the souls saved today our fathers saw saved in years gone by. Well, I have an idea: could it be our fathers preached on Hell and made it hot for the sinner to sit through it? Messages on Hell have been traded for the feel good messages of today. We never tire of hearing messages about how to boost our egos and make us feel better about ourselves but you can feel good about yourself while you are on the way to Hell. We need the truth in these days not psychology and self-help devotions. Sure I would like to have a message which would encourage us and bless us but if someone were to get saved reading this that would bless us. We have too many men who have strayed from the message of Hell to where the sinner doesn’t fear death or Hell any longer. But let me inform you dear friend if you are lost, there is still a Hell, it’s still burning and it’s still going to last through eternity. Here is Luke 16 Jesus is talking with the Pharisees, the religious crowd. It’s not everyone who talks religion that is saved. Jesus said “There shall be many come in that day and say unto me, have we not cast out devils and in thy name done many wonderful works? And I will confess unto them, depart from me ye that work iniquity I never know you”. If one is saved there will be some works of salvation, there will be a change within that individual. If you tell me you are saved and dislike coming to church I find it hard to believe you are saved. If you don’t pray, read your Bible or find time for the Lord I find it hard to believe you are saved. And if you are really not saved, when you die you will not go to Heaven but you will go to the same Hell this rich man found himself in. But I want to see this message today on some things missing from Hell. I realize there are many things missing from Hell but I only want to deal with a few of them this week.

First of all there is no mercy in Hell. The rich man in Luke 16:24 wanted some mercy shown to him. Mercy is defined as showing favor when it is not deserved. There was no mercy showed to this man and there will be none shown to anyone who goes to Hell. Hell is so horrid Jesus went to the cross and paid your sin debt just to keep you from going there. But in order to miss Hell you must accept Jesus as your own personal Savior.

Next, there is no water in Hell. Regardless of the jokes and ungodly comments you hear about Hell it is nothing to joke about. Hell is a real place with real people in it and it is without the water wagons you hear about. The rich man wanted just one drop of water to cool his tongue because he was tormented in the flame. The word torment means extreme pain, the utmost degree of misery with nothing to relieve it.

Then in Hell there is no failed memory but you will have perfect recollection. In verse 25 Abraham told the rich man “remember that thou in thy lifetime”. You will wish you could forget the times you had an opportunity to be saved but you will remember every word and even remember how you felt and you will recall your petty excuses why you rejected the Lord Jesus Christ. You’ll remember the people singing “Amazing Grace” and “Just as I Am” but you will still be lost. You’ll remember how you could have avoided that place but you will still be lost.

Also, there is no comfort in Hell. Abraham told this man that Lazarus is comforted but you are tormented. Now, Lazarus was a poor man who was laid at the rich man’s gate day by day. He didn’t have much but he was saved and when he died he was carried by the angels to Abraham’s bosom and into comfort. But there is no comfort for the rich man. Today we seek for comfort. When we buy furniture we look for comfort. When we buy autos we search for comfort. We live in a comfort seeking world but if you are lost and die in that condition there will be no more comfort. This is the last comfort you will ever experience. In Hell people seek comfort but there is none to be had.

Next, there are no answered prayers in Hell. The rich man was in essence praying to Abraham asking him to send Lazarus back to earth to warn his brothers who are also on the road to Hell. Abraham told him they had Moses and the prophets and they could take heed from them. Moses represented the Word of God and the prophets represented the preachers of the day so what Abraham is saying if they don’t hear the Word of God done by the people of God then they won’t be saved even if one went back from the dead. Listen dear friend no one is coming back from the dead to warn you, neither is anyone going to shake you into believing in the Lord. You must make up your own mind about receiving Him or not. You must come and humble yourself to Him while you can.

Once you arrive in Hell there is no escape. You will spend the rest of eternity there in your torments. You’ll then understand that there is no escape. All you can ever look forward to is more of the same, forever; more pain, more flames burning and searing you throughout eternity. The rich man never ask to be delivered, he knew there was no deliverance. He just didn’t want his brothers to come to this place of torments. Listen friend, the only hope of missing Hell is in this life and that is through Jesus Christ.

Lastly, there are no saved people in Hell. You won’t have to worry any longer about having to come to church and hearing the preacher preach on Hell; you will be experiencing it. You won’t have to worry about any more Sunday school, any more religion any more people weeping over your soul. You will be lost forever. All you will experience then is the reality of what you heard preached all your life was true and it is worse than you ever thought it could be.

In conclusion; there is no love in Hell. The Bible says that God is love and where God is not there is no love. There will only be hate, pain, bitterness and disgust with Satan for letting him blind you to the truth of your need for salvation. What will you say to him when you see him?

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