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A Nevertheless Christian

We see the story in Luke 5 as Jesus teaches by the Sea of Gennesaret. He sees two ships sitting by and enters one, which belongs to Peter, and asks him to thrust out a little from land so He may teach the people. After He is finished Jesus told Peter to launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a draught, or for a drawing of the net for fish. Peter answered, Master we have fished all night and caught nothing. We have cast the net to no avail and pulled it back empty each time, nevertheless, at thy word I will let down the net. There were others on board with Peter and as they let down the net they enclosed or caught a great multitude of fish so that their net began to tear and they summoned their partners to come and help them. I want to look at “the nevertheless Christian” this week. A nevertheless Christian is a special breed of Christian that will accomplish things for the Lord regardless of the situations they find themselves. Peter had toiled all night and was tired and caught nothing but the night turned into day and he obeyed the Lord and caught a great deal of fish simply because he was a nevertheless kind of Christian. A nevertheless kind of Christian has some important traits about them we want to see.

The first trait of a nevertheless kind of Christian is they recognize the position of Christ. Peter called Him “Master”. A nevertheless kind of Christian has an exalted place in his life for the Lord. Jesus is our master and He is our Lord whether we recognize that fact or not. But our lives will be better blessed if we do recognize Him as our Lord. There are very few Christians who exalt Him as Master and Lord in these days. Too many let friends and associates dictate to them how to act and how to treat Jesus. We need more today like Daniel who said he would not defile himself with the king’s meat or the king’s wine. We need to keep an eye on how we live in these days because we have people all around who are watching us. Paul said on the road to Damascus Lord what would you have me to do? We need more in these days who seek the Lord’s will in their lives and begin doing it. But too many are like the ones in Luke 6 that Jesus is speaking to saying “And why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?”

Two, a nevertheless Christian recognizes the priority of the Word. Peter said “nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net”. It was through the Word that Peter attained two things. First he attained a priority over circumstances. The circumstances weren’t right for fishing. He was no doubt tired. It wasn’t the right time for fishing for most of their fishing was done at night and this was the middle of day. Also, it wasn’t the right place to fish. You didn’t fish in the deep of the lake but at the edges of it. Jesus’ Word seemed to go against all that Peter knew about fishing, yet, he was a nevertheless Christian and he let Jesus’ Word have priority over his feelings. He also got priority over the crowds. There was still a great crowd around the shores of the lake and Peter would have to act out his faith in front of those people. Living your faith in front of your peers isn’t easy sometimes but a nevertheless Christian will take a stand and live for Christ is spite of the crowd. The popularity of the world will be small in the sight of pleasing God.

A nevertheless Christian will also see the performance of the task through. Peter said “I will let down the net”. Remember, Jesus told him to let down the nets, plural. So Peter was only partially obedient in this task. But he did let down a net. He didn’t argue and tell Jesus why he couldn’t do it, he just did it. Too many of us when the Lord tells us to do something we come up with every excuse we can think of not to do what He says. This is disobedience and it will lead to lack of blessings from the Lord. When Jesus healed the blind man by putting mud in his eyes and telling him to go wash in the pool of Siloam the blind man didn’t fuss about the mud. He didn’t say I can’t get there. He just went and then came seeing. We need to learn to do what God says when He says it!

Then you will see the prosperity because of the obedience. He could have been more prosperous had he been more obedient and let down the nets as Jesus told him. Even though he was only partially obedient Jesus still prospered him as he caught a great multitude of fish in that he had to ask for help getting them into the ship. I don’t preach a prosperity gospel to where you name it and claim it but I do believe we can be more prosperous than we are both materially and spiritually if we were a nevertheless Christian. The disciples learned a lesson here which they carried out in John 21 when Jesus came to them and told them to cast the net on the right side of the ship and they obeyed and enclosed a great number of fish.

Lastly a nevertheless kind of Christian will be a pursuer of Christ. Jesus said from this time forth you will catch men and the Bible says they left all and followed Him. If we are to be a nevertheless Christian our main goal is to follow Him in all He says. No matter where He leads, no matter what He says, no matter what is before us we are to follow Him.

Now are you a nevertheless Christian? Do you have Him in and exalted place in your life? Is His Word important to you? Do you do as He asks and do you do it to the best of your ability? Are you following Him or are you following after other things? Be a nevertheless Christian in these days, the world needs to see some. 

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