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Pastor: Bro. Bobby Clark

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Ready To Hear

King Solomon was one of the greatest men, as well as the wisest man, to have ever lived. We get three books of our Old Testament from him. Many say he wrote the Song of Solomon in his early years; the Proverbs he accumulated throughout his life and the book of Ecclesiastes in his older years. He realized in those years the vanity of things which didn’t pertain to God. Several times he wrote vanity of vanities, all is vanity. In chapter five and verse one he gives instruction for coming to God’s house. I want to look at a few things today about God’s house. Solomon wrote “keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God”. To keep one’s foot, or feet, speaks of going with consideration and with reverent attitudes. The allusion is to the taking off of the shoes. When Moses approached the burning bush God spoke to him and told him to remove his shoes for the place he was standing was holy ground. A church building is set aside for the public worship of Almighty God and is a special place, and as such can we say it is holy ground? I’m not saying one must remove their shoes before coming in but I am saying when one comes in they are to leave the world outside. To remove the shoes I believe refers to the cleaning of the dirt of the world out of our minds and hearts before we proceed any further. There are too many today who come to God’s house without any standards and dress as they are going to some night club, honky tonk or some other worldly place. As you can see I am not a fan of the come as you attitude many are flaunting today. God’s house is holy and I don’t think you can approach God in a worldly way. We need to give place to God before we even get to His house before we will ever be able to take anything away from God’s house. Let me mention four things on how a person should come to God’s house if I may.

We need to come to God’s house enthusiastically. We ought to be excited about the opportunity to come and join with other believers to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. David wrote in Psalms 122:1 “And I was glad when they said unto me, let us go unto the house of God”. David was excited about meeting with God’s people and it showed in his writings. Many come dragging in looking like they have been up all night. A person can’t stay out partying, or even sit up watching TV until all hours of the night, and expect to come in refreshed and get anything from the worship service. They come into the house of God looking like they lost their best friend or their dog died, or something. Listen, we need a little excitement in us concerning the house of God. But, sadly, many look like they would rather be any place else rather than be in the house of God. We should come enthusiastically!

We should come expectantly to God’s house expecting to hear something from the Word of God to help us. Let me ask a question: how many pray before coming to God’s house asking Him to “speak to me today, give me something I need to take away from the service”? Maybe that’s the reason many don’t get anything from God, they never ask. There are many who never come expecting anything from God and they never get anything. If you invited me over to eat I would come expecting to eat. I come prepared to eat and I won’t get disappointed when the table is spread.

Then, we need to come empty. That’s right, empty. We need to pray that God would empty us of the world, our pursuits and anything else which would hinder us from getting something from God. We need to be empty so He may fill us with His desires, His Spirit and power to serve Him. God can’t fill a vessel which is already filled with something else and if we are full of the world we will starve spiritually.

The last thing in this section we will look at is we need to come exaltingly to God’s house. We should come with only one thing on our hearts; the desire to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to make much of Him. Many today make much of the buildings, the speakers, and they don’t realize it is not them but it is Jesus we need to be worshipping!

Now for the second part of this two part message; Solomon goes on to say “be ready to hear”. Are we really ready to hear when we come to the house of God? Or, are we only waiting for the last amen so we can go eat or whatever else we do after church is out? There are many who don’t hear because they don’t come prepared to hear.

We need to be attentive to the Word of God but how can a person be attentive when they aren’t at the house of God? How can they be attentive when their minds are wandering somewhere else? How can they be attentive when they are passing notes or texting or playing games on their phone? This isn’t man’s message but this is God’s message to man and we need to pay attention to it! Dear friend we will answer for how we treat the Word of God; whether we attend unto it or whether we ignore it, we will answer for it!

Next, we need to be receptive to the Word of God. Many in these days listen half-heartedly to God’s Word but they won’t receive the Word. They think it is always for someone else and never personalize it. It is written about Ezra in Ezra 7:10 “For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord, and to do it”. He came prepared to listen but also obey what was said. May God give us some people like that today! Hey, it does us no good to look at the dinner table if we do not partake of the food. We can say how good it looks and smells. We can complement the cook but it does us no good until we begin eating. We need to hear God’s Word and receive it for our good.

Lastly, we need to be submissive to the Word of God. To submit oneself means to surrender; to yield to and to give up resistance to. To the sinner they need to submit to God’s Word, trust Him and be saved. To the saved, they need to submit themselves to the will of God for their lives. You hear the Word of God, the Spirit draws you to His will for your life and you know what you need to do; but you just do not do it and remain defiant to God. Solomon wrote a verse in Proverbs 29:1 which many attribute only to sinners but I believe it applies also to the saved. It says “He that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy”. Many saved people harden their heart to God and refuse to do His will and judgment will come upon them suddenly and there will be no remedy.

Are you listening? God is trying to speak to us even in these days but we aren’t listening I am afraid.

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