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What A Word Is This?

In Luke 4 Jesus tells the Jews a Prophet is not accepted in His own country and backs that up by telling how Elijah had to go to a Gentile widow woman in Zarephath to sustain her, her son and him during the drought in Ahab’s time. And again He relayed to them how Naaman alone was healed of leprosy during Elisha’s time, another Gentile. These religious leaders were so angry they put hands upon Him and were going to throw Him off a cliff but He passed through them unharmed and went to Capernaum and taught the people and they were much astonished at His word. While in the synagogue there was a man who met Him who was possessed with a devil and he cried out to Jesus saying, let us alone what have we to do with Thee? Even this devil knew that this was the Christ the Holy One of God. It was here that Jesus rebuked him and commanded him to hold his peace and come out of him and the devil came out and hurt him not. All who were there were amazed and said among themselves, what a word is this? For with authority and power He tells the unclean spirits and they come out of this man. And it was here the fame of Him went throughout the region. Now Jesus could have ignored this man and done nothing. He could have made a big show of it and hired the arena and charged admission and made a great deal of money. But He simply rebuked the demon and cast him out of the man as the people sat around seeing it and they were amazed seeing this sight. I want to look at the thought this week on what a word is this.

The word of God is first a powerful word. Verses 32 and 36 both say they were powerful words. The word powerful means possessing great force; strong and exercising authority. The words Jesus spoke as well as the written Word of God are powerful for they were spoken and written with force. In vs. 35 Jesus said unto the devil in this man, hold thy peace; in other words, shut up and come out of him! No one ever spoke with the force and power in which Jesus spoke with. Jesus commanded the winds and sea in Mark 4 to be still and they calmed down immediately. Even nature is subject unto Him as He speaks. He also spoke with strength as we see in vs. 35. The strength of His voice put the devil to flee. Again in John 11 Jesus was at the tomb of Lazarus and said Lazarus come forth and from the strength of His voice Lazarus came forth from the tomb bound with the grave clothes that had him bound and Jesus said loose him and let him go. His voice had force, strength and also authority as is evidenced in Matthew 7 as the people said He was one which spoke with authority and not as the scribes.

Secondly His Words are purifying words. As Jesus and His disciples were on the way to the garden in John 15:3 He said “Now we are clean through the Word, which I have spoken unto you”. As you listen to the Word of God you do respond to it. You may reject it and go on in your sins or you may accept it and trust Jesus as your Savior but you do respond one way or another. To those who are saved it has a cleansing effect. Do we retain all we hear and do we do all we know to do? No, but God’s Word still has that effect on us teaching us what we need to do. In John 17:17 Jesus said in His prayer to the Father “Sanctify them through thy Word: Thy Word is truth”. Sanctify means to cleanse and set apart for use by the Lord. This purifying word also brings love from us to the brethren as First Peter 1:22 tells us. “Seeing you have purified your souls in obeying the truth (Thy Word is truth) through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love you another with a pure heart fervently”.

Next His word is a penetrating word as we see in Isaiah 55:11 “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it”. The Word of God doesn’t just bounce off of us neither does it go in one ear and out the other. But it accomplishes exactly what the Lord intends it to accomplish. It brings conviction to the lost to where they can respond and get saved. It brings encouragement to the saved who are discouraged. It edifies and builds up the church and brings comfort to those in despair. Yes, God’s Words are penetrating words.

Lastly, God’s Words are provoking words as we see in Matthew 26:75. After Peter heard the cock crow he went out and wept bitterly. Jesus had told him he would deny the Lord three times before the cock crowed, yet Peter wouldn’t believe it.  When he heard the cock crow he was reminded of Jesus’ word to him and it provoked him to extreme sorrow and sadness. The word provoke means to stimulate to action. After he denied the Lord he was stimulated to go out and repent of his actions. The Word of God stimulates us to repentance. Luke 13:3 and 5 tells us “Except ye repent ye shall all likewise perish”. Repentance is feeling sorrowful over your sins but also it means being sorrowful enough to quit them. Repentance is an ongoing process where we are to turn from those things which separate us from the pleasures of a Holy God. After Peter repented God used him in the ministry at Pentecost, at the house of Cornelius and many other places.

The words of Jesus and the Word of God are all these and more. Another instance we see in John 7 where the chief priests sent out the officers of the temple to arrest Jesus and bring Him to them. When they came back empty handed they asked why did you not bring Him? Their answer to them; “Never man spake like this Man”. We were overwhelmed by His words. Oh that people would come and hear us uneducated preachers speak and go away with the thought; o what a word is this!      

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