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A Noble Prayer

You have all heard of a man named Samson but have you heard of Manoah? He was of the tribe of Dan and his wife was barren. An angel of the Lord appeared unto her and told her she was going to have a son. She was not to eat anything unclean nor was she to drink wine or strong drink during her pregnancy. Also no razor was to come upon his head for he was to be a Nazarite unto the Lord from the womb and God would use him to deliver His people from the Philistine’s bondage over them. When she told her husband Manoah entreated or asked God to let this man come again and teach them what they shall do with the child that shall be given unto them. God answered his prayer and sent the angel again and gave instructions on what she is not to eat or drink and how they are to raise the child. I want to focus on verse 8 of Judges 13 for our message this week as we look at a noble prayer and some points concerning it.

First we will look at the focus on the prayer. This prayer wasn’t about getting more from God. It wasn’t telling God what He needed to do in order for Manoah to have a better life. But it was about learning what he should do. It wasn’t about the promises from God but it was about the precepts of God, what God wanted. Manoah wanted to know more about his responsibilities rather than his privileges. Most of the prayers today are about what we want from God or what we want God to do for us rather than what we should be doing for God. Isaiah said Lord, here am I, send me. That is certainly a noble prayer from God’s man and it should be a prayer for us today. Jesus said in the garden Father, not my will but thine be done. This is another noble prayer which we ought to be praying but too many of us are wrapped up in our own little world and so selfish we can’t pray that prayer truthfully. Oh we can say the words but they are not truly in our hearts.

Then notice the faith in the prayer as his faith is revealed no matter the condition of society or the situations surrounding them. She had always been barren but his faith was so great when he prayed he didn’t ask for signs of the promised child but he asked for help in raising him to be what God intended him to be. Many in that day and today want a sign from God when He clearly states what He is going to do. Look at Gideon as he asked for two signs even after God told him He was going to deliver Israel through him. When Hannah prayed and asked for a son she said she would give him unto the Lord all the days of his life. She did just that and some today promise God something and after God comes through they turn back on their promise. In Manoah’s day there was much apostasy as many were given over to Baal worship and didn’t even believe in the Lord Jehovah any longer which was the reason for their bondage. But Manoah and his wife still believed and their faith was strong in the Lord even though others around them didn’t believe. Other people’s belief or unbelief should never have an effect on our own belief. Elijah had none around him at Mt. Carmel and he came out victorious. Daniel purposed in his heart that he would stand for God even though others around him were falling. Paul said in Acts 27 to those on the ship in the middle of the storm; I believe God. No matter what society does we need to stand for and believe God.

Next, notice the family in the prayer. Manoah wanted to know how to train and raise up the son the Lord was giving Him. Many have children in this day without a thought of ever raising that child for Jesus. Oh they may take it to church but their heart isn’t in raising that child for the Lord. They raise it for their own purposes and pleasures. Many fathers raise their son to play out the role that perhaps they never got to enjoy in sports or something else. Many mothers raise their daughters to play out roles they never got to attend to, such as beauty contests, the secular music field or the entertainment industry. Manoah’s prayer teaches us two truths in child training. He felt the best way to get the training needed was from God. Many today get their training from the world through social columns, psychologists and so called experts in the field of child development. Dr. Spock’s book on child raising did more to harm our society than anything that has happened in the last sixty years. If you don’t believe that look around at the youth of this day. There is no substitute for the Word of God in raising and training our children. Manoah and his wife took on the responsibility themselves in raising their son, Samson. It is the parent’s job to raise their child. It isn’t the day care centers job; the child care centers job or even the grand parent’s job, it is the parent’s responsibility. I realize there are times the parent must leave the child attended to, but ultimately, it is the parent’s job to raise and train up that child.

Lastly we will see the finality of the child as Samson grew up and failed and come short of what God had envisioned for him. He ate and drank forbidden things, he was an adulterer, and he lied and played around with sin. Even though his parents trained him and raised him up correctly he still failed in God’s goals for his life. He ended up in a dungeon with his eyes burned out and ultimately destroyed himself with the Philistines in the coliseum as they were making fun of him. Parents, even though you do your best to raise that child up; you raise it according to God’s plan and His Word, that child still has a self-will which they will have to give to God themselves before He can save them or use them as He wants to. We as parents need to raise our children on the standard of God’s Word, pray for them and pray with them that they turn out the way God intends them to turn out.               

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