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My Thoughts On The Storm

In Psalms 86 is recorded a prayer of David and in verse 10 he gives glory to God. In all of our prayers we ought to follow this law and give Him glory for who is greater than Him? Who provides as He does? Who loves as He loves? No one is able to love us or provide as He does, so He deserves all the glory we can give Him. David says you are great and doest wonderful things and you are also the only God. There is no God but God Jehovah! There may be imposters and fake gods but He is the one true God. David goes on in verse 11 and asks God to teach him His way in order than David could walk in His truth and unite his heart. The phrase “unite my heart” means to join my heart together, don’t let me have a divided heart so that I may reverence you. Then I will praise you with my whole heart. Listen we can’t praise God as we should unless we have a united heart, one which is joined in itself. For those who didn’t know, those who live outside of our beautiful plateau, we were hit hard by an ice storm which devastated our whole area. We all faced some difficult times with power outages, damages to homes and many other things. But through all of this we saw God provide, protect and preserve us on a daily basis. We all saw some hard times, some more difficult than others obviously. But for the most part now we can look back and say we made it through. As I sat and meditated on the storm and our loss of electrical power for five days I began asking God to teach me what He wanted me to learn from this. I would hate to think I went through this and took nothing away from it. So God gave me some thoughts on the storm which I want to share with you this week and I think we can all learn from these things.

As we lost power there was darkness all around. There was no electricity and our county was filled with darkness. You had to use candles, coal oil lamps, generators with a table lamp plugged in to get any light into the house but darkness was prevalent throughout our area. When there is no power there is darkness and that leads to depression in the people. I just got depressed. As you look at the darkness it brings you down. Many places in the far north, during the winter months, go without sunlight for weeks at a time and the suicide rate balloons upward as depression sets in. A person goes through a hopeless time and you just want it over and everything get back to normal. Then depression leads to discouragement in the people. Discouragement is the absence of courage or confidence; the lack of power or strength. One can get discouraged when all around is dark and depressing. He sees no hope and loses the hope of things ever getting any better. You go out to where others have power and then come home to a dark house and it is depressing and you wonder if you will ever get any better. But let me say through all of this trial we weren’t desolate. What do I mean by that? We all went through it together, we weren’t alone. Some had a more difficult time than others but we all suffered some in the storm. Over in Mark 4 Jesus said unto His disciples “Let us pass over unto the other side of the lake”. They got into the ship but there were other little ships with them and the storm hit all of the ships. Every storm we go through there are others going through the same storm just look around and see who we might be able to assist in it. In Acts 27 as Paul was on his way to Rome the ship he was on went through a mighty tempest but he wasn’t alone there were 275 other men with him and they all weathered the storm together. Even if I was the only one to lose power, if I was the only one to go through this devastation, I would still not be alone for He hath said “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee”.

Just as the ice fell and weighed down the trees, the limbs and power lines to the point of breakage and disrupting our electrical power our spiritual power can also be disrupted. In order for us to have electricity all of the connections must be connected or there will be a break in the supply. In order for us to have spiritual power all the connections must also be connected to Him. We can’t have the power of God without God, His Son or the Holy Spirit.

In order for us to have the power of God sometimes there must be a pruning. Last summer a crew came by our place and cut limbs out of trees which could have fallen on those lines and even made things worse than they were. There must be a pruning in our Christian lives, a cutting away of the dead and dried branches which could injure our spiritual walk and connection with the Lord. Jesus said in John 15 “I am the true vine, and my Father is the Husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit He taketh away (He cuts away or prunes); and every branch that beareth fruit, He purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit”. Sometimes our Christian lives get cluttered with other things and needs a good pruning which only God can give us. There must also be a preparation before there is any power. Power plants must be built, lines run, sub-stations built, other lines run to your house. You don’t get electricity from a box in your house but from the source, the power plant. Just as you do not get spiritual power from something you do or don’t do, it comes from the Source. These things must also be maintained. They must be oiled, greased, cleaned and properly looked after. You don’t just build them and ignore them but you look after them. That is the same way with our connection or relationship with God; it must be maintained. How do you maintain a relationship with God? You do it through prayer, Bible study, praise, and a daily walk with Him. It takes work and effort to maintain a connection with the Lord.

Now the one thing that really stood out to me during all of this; how many of us get as upset over losing our spiritual power as our electrical power? If we get in a dark mood our light doesn’t shine out as it should to the lost world; do we get upset? We get depressed spiritually; does that upset us to where we want to rid ourselves of this depression? We get the “don’t cares” and people die and go to Hell; does that upset us? Do we get discouraged and lose hope and think or say “nothing is going to get any better”. Does that upset us as much as losing electrical power? It should upset us and lead us to repentance and a desire to get our power back with God. But too many are too upset over the trivial to be upset over the eternal!       

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