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Pastor: Bro. Bobby Clark

Faith Baptist Church

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The Believer’s Needs

Several weeks ago I dealt with these verses in Second Timothy chapter one as we looked at the thought on Devine gifts out of verse seven. We saw that God gives gifts to His children of peace, strength, love and the gift of a sound, stable or sober mind. This week I want to see verse 5 as Paul remembers the unfeigned faith of Timothy. The word “unfeigned” means genuine or sincere. It also means a faith which is not hypocritical. The word hypocrite literally means “to wear a mask” and it dealt with people of that day who were in the theater. They would wear masks to play different roles in plays. So a hypocrite is one which plays a role; he is not real or genuine but one who acts out a role. Paul says Timothy’s faith was real and he was convinced this same faith was in his mother and grandmother as well. Many commentators say these two ladies were of the Jewish faith and also embraced Jesus Christ as Messiah when they heard the gospel. It is evident these two ladies instilled their Jewish faith to Timothy as well as showing to him their faith in Jesus Christ. But Timothy didn’t get saved until he heard Paul preach when he visited Lystra. Although Lois and Eunice had their own faith and taught that faith to Timothy, I want you to know Timothy had to embrace that faith himself. He couldn’t live on momma’s faith or granny’s faith; he had to take responsibility for his own soul. I’m afraid we have people today who are trying to ride on momma and daddy’s coattails to Heaven and sadly one day they will find themselves in ruin. Some today need to purpose in your own hearts that you are going to live for God, not because someone else is but because you want to do it yourself. You need to get your own convictions and standards based upon the Bible and get into church and serve God. I’m not just speaking to the young people either; there are some older people who are living on the convictions of your fathers or someone else and you need to get your own. I want to look at some things this week that we who are saved need as we look at the thought the believers’ needs.

The first thing we need is to stir up the salvation that is within us from verse six. The term “stir up” means to rekindle as you would a fire. If you build a fire and ignore it, it will soon die out. You need to stir it occasionally and add fuel to it to sustain it. Do you remember when you were first saved? Do you remember how excited you were? What happened? Many people just get used to their salvation and it doesn’t mean much to them any longer. We need to remember what we were before we were saved and where God brought us from and what we are now and that should stir us up. This gift is not just our salvation but it is the gift of the Holy Spirit which is within each of us who are saved. Some have Him quenched, suppressed or even extinguished to where He is unable to work in their lives. Fire, which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, can be extinguished with water, smothered, or simply, just burn itself out. That’s why Paul told Timothy to stir it up, kindle it and add fuel to it to keep it burning. There are some also who grieve Him. To grieve Him means to make Him sad or heavy and they do that because of the way they live. They have no time for Him. They won’t let Him lead them in their lives. They give no thought to Him or His longing to lead them in their everyday lives. James 4:5 says “Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, the spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?” The Holy Spirit who lives within us longs, even to the point of envy, to lead us and guide us but we won’t let Him due to our own stubbornness or wants and desires.

The second thing we need to see is that we need to stand up for Jesus from verse 8. We are to never be ashamed of Jesus Christ or others who are saved. But some say “I don’t want people to think I am odd or weird”. Don’t worry they already think that because of something else you do or are involved with so one more thing won’t matter. Down in vs. 12 Paul said again “nevertheless I am not ashamed”. Again he said in Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation”. We live in a day where most people want to do away with Jesus and His Word. Back in 1962 prayer was removed in our public schools in the Engel vs. Vitale Supreme Court ruling. A year later Madelyn Murray O’Hare files a suit and had the Bible taken out of our schools and it has been going downhill ever since. But you want to know the worst part? The worst part is that most of our churches in America have also cast Him out! You ask, preacher how can that be? When you do away with His Word you do away with Him. Most churches don’t even use God’s Word any longer but some new modern perversion of it. May God help us to get back to Him and stand up for Him in these days.

From verse nine we can learn we need to seek His purpose in our lives. Paul wrote “according to His own purpose He saved us”. We need to seek His purpose for our lives, not daddy’s or momma’s or someone else’s but God’s. We have too many still tied to someone else’s coattails or apron strings and they need to begin taking some responsibility for their own lives. What is God’s purpose for you? Why did He save you? I promise, you won’t find His purpose in front of the television; or in the theaters or on the ball fields or other places of this world. But you can find it in God’s house listening to God’s Word from God’s man. God saved you and you should be willing to give up all you are because He gave the very best He had in order to save you.

Lastly from verse 13 we can see we need to seize onto sound doctrine or teaching. We are to hold onto sound, correct, Godly and Biblical teaching. We need to listen to it and embrace it and let it embrace us. I realize we are living in the day Paul told about a little later in this letter; a day that people would not endure sound doctrine but will have itching ears and seek teachers willing to make them feel good. God knows there is enough watered down, compromising and just plain false teaching in these days. We need to seek out sound teaching and let it change us to what God wants us to be.

We need to stir up, stand up, seek his purpose and seize sound teaching. It’s time some stepped up and began taking responsibility for your own lives and getting your own convictions and standards from the Bible and quit living trying to please other people. If we live to please others, what happens when those are gone? We need to live according to God’s Word, it will be around forever.

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